NEW LINK F.Z.E. and partners provide the exportations of a large group operating in the agricultural market and possessing agricultural lands with an area of 12000 / ha as well as basic cereal production.

The production base includes raw materials processing mill with production capacity of 500 t / day. A factory for producing nourishments combined with a capacity of 600 t / day and a unit of sunflower oil extraction with a capacity of 700 t / day.

NEW LINK F.Z.E. and partners are also engaged in the development, manufacture of fertilizers intended to solve the solutions of ecological cultures for both home and industrial sector.

The fundamental bases of the company are :

  • The customer’s individual approach.
  • The Effectiveness in work.
  • Punctuality for orders to be honored.



Our main competitive advantage is the excellent quality of all our products controled and certified by our highly qualified specialists .A modern processing and packaging equipment for high quality raw material collected on our own lands.

We are ready to guarantee the delivery of the full range of our products continuously. Namely: wheat flour, wheat semolina granular griots, combined food. Also: wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seed and oil in sufficient quantities and in all seasons.