Innovation and technology

The aim of the activities directed by FARGO INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY is the introduction of new technologies and innovations in energy, oil, mineral processing, agriculture, and ecology.
We are looking for new technologies.

  •   The technology of dry enrichment of mineral resources and industrial wastes.
  •   The technology of full purifying industrial and domestic waste, oil sludge lakes.
  •   The technology to increase oil production.

NEW LINK F.Z.E, a subsidiary of FARGO INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY, is present in Europe (France), Middle East (Dubai) and in North Africa. We are among the companies specialized in LED (interior and exterior) and as well as the renting of tablets PCs, the development of programs and information terminals with touch screens. Provide help to create a serious case based on a studied map in order to simplify the organization and control of several sectors.

NEW LINK F.Z.E has developed as a priority for the application of the market, a card specially studied ‘for access to PC
windows, kiosks, information terminals. We build terminals for all types of applications thanks to online payment from
Commercial circles; recording terminals; guidance in malls and elsewhere an information and consultation terminal, an Islamic consultation terminal (Al Jaless) and as well as other kinds of terminals.